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Cityring Development is an expert residential development, management, investment and consultancy enterprise, in charge with large real estate projects in Romania. ATRIA URBAN RESORT is the company’s master-planned, flagship, residential development, located in Bucharest’s Sector 1, and managed by Cityring Development.

The firm, providing a fully-integrated and transparent development management solution, caters to prominent residential property funds, family offices, real-estate bank portfolios and high-net-worth individuals.




Upon fruition, at the end of a development, all stakeholders should proudly declare: THIS IS MY PROJECT.

The Cityring team, driven in its quest for quality property investment and development, provides added value, integrating an entrepreneurial approach to residential development management, benefitting both private and institutional investors.

Cityring Development’s experience and focus successfully addresses the current shift in a market that puts master-planned residential communities in the limelight. An accomplished development partner is a decisive component in any major residential project. And with large cities experiencing ever-gowing urban expansion, and with so many keen residential funds and high net-worth individuals actively funding such projects, alongside banks, as a source of development funding, Cityring Development has proven competencies with a positive, trustworthy reputation.




Creating important residential property portfolios requires a proven track-record and Cityring Development leads the way with a hands-on approach, with industry expertise, indispensable contacts in the field, working with both investors from private and institutional sectors.

Cityring Development holds diverse roles, at times as co-investor, at times taking on the role of development manager, while still other times by creating a framework that clients can follow. Indisputably, each time, the company responds to every project with tailored services and models, boldly conciliating specific needs. Each project calls for customized perspectives and solutions in order to deliver the best in residential property development and to provide sound financial returns for its partners.

Cityring Development spearheads and integrates innovative planning policy, project optimization, construction methods, building regulations, and home maintenance to create ambitious properties for all stakeholders from the investor to the actual residents.

As all sound foundations provide support for a strong structure, so too do the values with which successful residential development projects are built upon. Each project is unique but the teams’ expertise in identifying and safeguarding the interests for the best outcome remains constant: a spotlight on space planning and landscaping, innovative design, attention to detail throughout resulting in a vibrant owners’ community.

We believe that our ardor for building qualitative, world-class urban communities, with a focus on great design, encompasses the needs and wants of clients. Our buildings become the heart where our customers live, work, and play.

It’s about quality of life.




Whilst acting in the Development Manager’s role, Cityring Development chaperones the entire process from the project’s inception to its completion.

We assemble and manage a fully-professional team on behalf of our clients. Beginning with a complete assessment, we objectively and rationally analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed venture, calculating the costs required and the desired outcome, concluding with a turn-key property upon completion of the works.

At the center of the process, there is always a partnership with founders, architects, designers, engineers, surveyors, planning consultants, authorities, and agents in order to determine, negotiate, and obtain necessary authorizations and consents and then, to deliver the returns and objectives as set out in the initial brief.

In order to accurately identify and implement a strategy, a recipe for success begins as early as possible in the project’s lifecycle, allowing for a better overview and the best possible outcome.




Effective project management is crucial to securing stable and efficient operational methods for the development, we minimize risk and deliver the completed property. We keep in line with the budget, timelines, and quality standards.

The process demands a consolidated effective and efficient team alongside specialized contractors. Experienced Project Managers lead, manage and co-ordinate the works, and regulate any adjustments as they arise to properly ensure that a successful project is delivered.



Experience and trust are of the utmost importance, as the developer will advise and provide consultancy services, guide and support, as and when required, throughout the project lifecycle.

What we do

Property Search and Acquisition

A solid network of professional agents working in the local real estate market ensures that we can assist in sourcing both ‘on’ and ‘off’ market development and investment opportunities. The team surveys and draws up a shortlist of relevant properties, prepares pricing evidence and advises to structure appropriate acquisition vehicles covering legal, financial and tax implications.

Property Disposal

Upon analysis, the company recommends the most appropriate real-estate agent for a the transaction of a particular property based on its location and price, negotiate fees and elaborate a high profile marketing campaign or sell a property discretely via our network of both local and international contacts.

Feasibility and Appraisal Studies

Our experience with construction pricing, market value appraisal, development in all stages, feasibility analysis, plays an inestimable role in ensuring that the project's inception and progression is guided by knowledgeable experts able to navigate in both local and international waters, accessing precious resources.

Value Engineering

Through our years of development experience and our strong ties with a large variety of trade suppliers and specialty contractors, with design optimization being a crucial component, we can assess a project with clarity and identify areas where substantial cost savings are to be achieved without compromising specification or quality to deliver value for money.

Project Management

We provide a one-stop shop where project management in any stage of a residential project is a worthy endeavour: Budgeting, Planning and cost control; Scheduling and Progress Control; Contracting and claims management; Construction management and commissioning; Coordination of all involved parties, like contractors, suppliers, government authorities and other stakeholders; Quality management. Actions and solutions necessary for a successful delivery.

Project Procurement

Certain processes such as assembling a team of professionals with hands-on experience, leading consultants, are primordial. By identifying the parameters of the project, Cityring Development defines the best route for procuring the particular project for the client, whether via a traditional form of contract, design and build contract, or construction management route.

Cost Management

The team of experienced and qualified professionals prepares cost plans, budgets, bills of quantities, tender documents, tender analyses, detailed cost reporting, valuations, and payment certification through to the preparation, negotiation and agreement of final accounts.

Layout and Space Planning

A deep understanding of the industry has led the company to a point of perspicuity that provides stability; projects that succeed do so based upon the development being designed to the most pertinent specification, the most fitting design and layout for the location, all the while, keeping the targeted buyers or tenants in mind.

Asset Management

Post completion, if the client so chooses, the allocated team can provide services to identify and manage any difficulties, or render property management assistance to provide for the comfort of the building’s occupiers.


Cityring Development has a long-standing relationship with a range of leading professional consultants and specialists. However, as each project is unique, so is our approach and new relationships are constantly being established to deliver the best in residential property design and development:


Structural, M&E, Traffic



Building Design and Landscaping



Project and Construction



Urban & Traffic


Specialty Consultants

Commercial, Technical, Financial

Specialty Consultants


Real Estate: transactions, lease, construction, financing


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